1980 High school

1980 high school wouldn’t be that different from the 1986 high school. But, of course, totally different to a 2010 high school. You wouldn’t come from school and switch on your computer or start to play with a Nintendo Wii, a Playstation or with a Xbox 360. You would have fun in other ways. I think that the most advanced game, I mean the most technological, was the Pac-Man. It was a new thing in those times, and it was a very usual between teenagers. I remember not going to high school in 1980 just to play some more time to the Pac-Man, it was my addiction.

What about music in a 1980 high school? “We are the World”, Michael Jacksons’ song, was very popular in those times. But Michael Jackson wasn’t the only famous singer, some others, such as Phil Collins, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Lionel Richie, Cyndi Lauper or Ella Fitzgerald where extremely famous.

What about movies in a 1980 high school? “ET”, Spielberg’s movie, was the movie of the decade. This small, big eyed alien conquered everybody’s heart, including mine. I felt very offended when a friend of mine told me that the movie was boring; he said that ET , with that brown skin and all those thick and big wrinkles, looked like a shit . I don’t think the same of it, this movie has really moved me.

What about fashion in a 1980 high school? Fashion doesn’t change too much from 1980 to 1890. The most popular clothes were the splatter prints, parachute pants, shocking neons, and aggressive shoulder pads .

What about food in a 1980 high school? Happy Meals were popular, like nowadays. Every Saturday night, I used to go out with my friends to the nearest Mc. Donald’s and eat a Happy Meal. It was an habit.

Where there important events in 1980? Many important events have taken place in 1980, I consider these the main one:

- The assassination of Ghandi.

- The Iran-Contral Scandal.

- The explosion of the Challenger.

- “Who shot the JR?”

- Baby Jessica

-The royal wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana.

- The boycott of the 1980 Olympics.

Some moments or days are difficult to forget, I found a whole year difficult to forget: 1980 .

Those wonderful 80’s